Greetings and Welcome




Greetings and Welcome
A big thanks goes out to ALL who made this possible...the listeners! This page is still under construcion.

Indiana Freedom Talk Radio
Is a listener supported talk radio station. Bringing you the best in talk radio. And information you can use. And a mirror for
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Please Donate IndianaFreedomTalkRadio




We are having a fund raiser for IFTR

For every dollar you donate you will

get your name in the drawing for the

Wall hanging pictured above. Our goal is $1,000.

The Dead line for the drawing is 10am

May 29th.

The drawing will be held

at the bottom of the hour on Hammering

The New World Order or 2:30pm eastern.

Make sure in the comment section of your

donation you put that you want to be in

the drawing. And the address you want it

sent to.

2nd chance drawing for a survival Fishing kit

3rd chance,


fishing kit

Congratulations to the winners of IFTR's firt ever

drawing. Mark S. And Deb B. Thank you to evey one

who donated!!!


So far we have raised $520 0f $1,000

Thank you for your support!








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